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DDs, DLDs, & More!

Leapin' Lizards, Batman! I've been featured here!

Thanks to all the suggesters and CVs that gave me a DD.

Becoming Brian
X-Mas on the Border of England and Over There
A Guide to Writing Combat Related Mental Illness
And Here is John
And Two Years After That Night in Nasiriyah, now in storage.

Interviews & Reviews
Sometimes I talk about history and people record it.

Being Historical with doughboycafeHistory is cool. I could try to explain why, but if you aren't already interested, there's a better way to get on board: read and/or write historical fiction. Only...I can't say anything there, I don't know anything about historical fiction!
Luckily, dA has a strong cadre of historical fiction writers. I (metaphorically) sat down with one of the outstanding, doughboycafe:
What is "historical fiction"?

I think that it is, quite simply, fiction set somewhere in history. Though it usually draws on one or more actual events, we get to make up the whos and the whys and the hows.
That isn't to say it isn't accurate, however. Historical fiction, good historical fiction, is well researched and the details of the time period, social situation, and culture should reflect real ideas, technology, and cultural values. 

If you have to do the same amount of research, why not nonfiction?

I guess that all depends on your
Daily Lit Deviant - @doughboycafeDaily Lit Deviant is an article put out on a daily basis throughout the year that is devoted to showing the work and accomplishments of one writer per article and presenting exemplary pieces of their work. It is based off of bowie-loon123's series of articles of the same name.
Join me in welcoming doughboycafe as our Daily Lit Deviant for January 6th, 2014.
Nominated by Nichrysalis
doughboycafe is the definitive resource for all things military fiction on deviantART, and her gallery exemplifies her love for crafting realistic, accurate fiction in a war-torn setting.

The guide above deals with mental illness sustained from combat, and there is nothing quite like it on deviantART. Anybody with any intentions to create a believable character should read and take something from this guide.

Writers of the Revolution, July 21Featured WRITER
Featured by SilverInkblot
Reading work from doughboycafe is a matter of investing your time – her pieces are often dense and long, but your investment will be returned tenfold. I, as a matter of personal taste, have never cared much for war stories, be it in my literature or my movies, yet the works below sucked me right in.

Becoming Brian
"He crawled on his belly through the thick jungle of the Argonne Forest and he covered himself in the gray French clay. His fingertips went black from cleaning his rifle. He tripped while running over a field and looked up just in time to see the rest of the squad mowed down by machine gun fire - they landed one by one on the hard ground, nothing but tatters and holes. He shot a boy in the head. He ran out of bullets and gored a man with his knife, and his fing
The Saturday Spotlight for August 25th, 2012Guidelines | How to Suggest a DLD | Group Administrators | Affiliation | Chatroom | Current Staff Openings
Saturday Spotlight for August 25th, 2012
Daily Literature Deviations is proud to feature this special recognition article!
You can show your support by :+fav:ing this News Article. We hope this gives you some insight into
the person behind the art.
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Artist Interview - DoughBoyCafeArtist Interview with Professional Travel Writer who has received a number of DD's with a recent DD being awarded for the piece A Guide to Writing Combat-Related Mental Illness at link We have interviewed him below on his art.
1. What type of art do you do?
I am a fiction writer. I also do non-fiction work, but it’s mostly for my work, or in the form of guides. I consider my art and love to be a writer of fiction.
2. Have you attended education for your artwork, or are you self-taught? Do you do your art professionally or as hobby?
I have never attended classes for writing, no, but I wouldn’t say I’m entirely self-taught. My background is in History and Anthropology, which really helps me in writing because I primarily write historical fiction. My school study gave me a strong background in my material, and after that, I did coursework

The Historical Fiction Workshop
Just what it says on the package.
Historical Fiction Workshop - Pre Workshop PostHi all.
Just a reminder that thehistorical fiction workshop starts tomorrow
We're closing out signups, because I don't want to take anyone on after we start this, and also, this got way more popular than we anticipated. So if you want to join us, let me know by the end of today GMT +1 time.
The participants list is as follows (and I am tagging all of you to make sure you see this important info):
Viking-American, sun-lily, GreyRoseOfHope, lovelorey, Peonies18, Lupizora, Gingersanps, Lonaargh, elksongredfeather, GuinevereToGwen, Argetnyx, Tarenja, JenZeePops, Classically-DePunk, farmowls-icewolf-inc, ArthurTheBraveOne, ThornyEnglishRose, SornekInklingsOfOblivion
And the maybe list: mormonbookworm, neurotype, camelopardalisinblue, :devme-inat
Historical Fiction Workshop - Week 1, Prep WeekWelcome to Week 1 of the Historical Fiction Workshop!
This week is the relatively easy one - the prepatory week. Not a lot of lesson, not a lot of assignment. We can´t move into the heavy duty stuff until we have something to work with. So, for the next seven days, we are going to focus on putting together some basics and finding the vague shape of our stories before we dive into research.
Lesson 1: Building a HistFic story
First, let´s talk about what Historical Fiction is. A lot of people seem to think that if something is historical fiction, that it needs to revolve around a specific historical event. It doesn´t. In fact, the fiction part of the genre allows you to invent your own. But remember, this isn´t AU (that´s a whole different genre!) - we´re going to take a real setting, with a real chronology of events around it, and build a story from it. If you want to use a real event, that´s fine. But if you are interested in a time period or g

Historical Fiction Workshop - Week 2, SourcesLesson Two: Source Gathering and Sorting
From doughboycafe :
Alright, here we go. Everyone has their base ideas, now it’s time to dive into research. Everyone is excited. We all open up google, and…
Holy fudge, History is big D:
And so is the Internet D:
What do we do?
Now it’s time to start learning how to gather proper sources and how to sift out what is actually relevant to your story. Remember that this is NOT the only week you’re going to have for research, as researching is a continuous process during all story writing, but especially so in historical fiction.
First thing is to look through your outlines and notes and start pulling out exactly what information you are going to need. Let’s look at LiliWrites ‘s outline
Lili is writing a story set in Auschwitz, about a young officer who has to watch his childhood flame and friend suffer as a polit
Historical Fiction Workshop - Week 3, WritingAlright Historians, time to actually start writing your story.
This time, your assignment first: Start your working draft. I’d like to see people get it half done by the end of the week. I assume that halfway through your stories you will start to find more things you need to research, so here is what I want you to do:
:bulletblue: Make a new scrap deviation, this will be your rough draft. Start writing it and link it back here so I know when to look at it. You can link even if you only have an opening paragraph and continue to add to it, alerting us as many times as you like during the week.
:bulletblack: In your previous scrap that has your outline and your sources, start taking note of the things you come up against while writing your story. What didn’t you research yet that you – oops – just figured out that you needed? Write it down. This list will be integral to week 4’s lesson.
I don’t think you’ll get the

Historical Fiction Workshop- Week 4, RedactionOk so we’ve all gotten part way through our stories. And then stopped. Probably because several people hit a brick wall and realized they are either missing critical information or worse yet – they got something wrong.
First part of this week’s lesson is: Guys, you’re going to get a lot of things wrong. No amount of research is going to give you the 100% the first time through. This is history, this is the grind. So the first thing you need to do is come to grips with the fact that there are inaccuracies in your story. Have we done that? Good. Now we can fix them.
But, doughboycafe, you tell me, my mistakes are really big and change the entire flow of the story! How the hell do I cope with that?
Let me tell you a story. I wrote a novel once. Then I realized after about a year’s



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Help with Sources

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 10, 2015, 8:07 AM

Hey, my WWIIers! VFreie and Geistlicher I am specifically looking at you guys. I need some help.

I'm working on a little project based around the Bombing of Guernica, and I'm running up against a wall in sourcing this sonofagun. Access to the National Archives is restricted and of course a good % of this information has been strictly classified until maybe 50 years from now due to amnesty and 'privacy protection' laws, so I am running out of options in Spanish to get the info that I want. 

So please, I need some help - specifically, anyone with JStor access, can you get me these articles? VFreie?

Guernica Reconsidered: Fifty Years of Evidence
P Monteath - War & Society, 1987 -

The Reporter at Guernica
C Holme - British Journalism Review, 1995 -

I have the report written for the Times by George Steer, before anyone asks. But what I need now is either English language sources (because like I said Spanish ones are coming up dry), or, if anyone speaks German, are there any German sources that can tell me the following?

- any seemingly repeated number of casualties. this number varies from source to source from 157 to over 1,600 people. I can't seem to find anything solid. (lol and one Nationalist newspaper that said 12.)

- troop movements and number of troops in the area for both sides. I want confirmation as to whether the Germans still had land troops at all in the area despite the Non Intervention Agreement.

- since you guys might know way more than me on this matter, besides just events of the day and all that, anything else you think I should be looking at? I have foreign reaction to the bombing covered, and Spanish reaction to the bombing - that took reading between lines but I think I have a substantial amount of newspaper articles from papers I know the political affiliations of to go on for that. But am I missing something crucial in terms of other events or ideas that Guernica is connected to?

I've looked through Google Scholar and I'm still combing it. I'm hoping JStor or anyone with better knowledge than me can fill in the gaps.

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